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Wellbeing Days

Wellbeing Days

Wellbeing days create a healthier and more resilient workforce and can increase staff awareness around health and wellbeing as well as reduce absence rates. We offer different types of workshops depending on what you would like to achieve.

Sessions we can run throughout the day include:

Excelling Under Pressure – Staff members will learn what stress is, how it affects their daily lives, when it is beneficial and when it is harmful. We explore some of the flawed strategies that people commonly use to deal with stress and provide alternative solutions designed to de-stress at work and at home.

Personal resilience – We will teach your employees how to increase your personal resilience by taking them through a range of practical relocation techniques including breathing and visualisation techniques that can be done at work and at home.

Stress Screenings and Meditation – Our onsite consultants use the HeartMath device, a non-medical and non-invasive process, to show your employees how the heart if directly affected by stress. We demonstrate the power of relaxation techniques by taking them though a breathing technique while looking at the change in your heart rate variability live on screen.

Desk Yoga – This is a fun, informative and engaging session that teaches essential movements to improve posture and overall wellbeing at work. The workshop covers a head to toe breakdown of the muscles, joints and areas at risk from a sedentary lifestyle, a demonstration of good posture at work, stretches, core work and breathing techniques on yoga mats.

Other sessions we can also include:

  • Mindfulness workshops
  • E-resilience
  • Body Analysis Test
  • Nutrition and movement


International Wellbeing Insights have been very professional and helpful. They have improved our awareness around the topic of wellbeing and helped educate employees and managers about its importance. We have already scheduled in future workshops!

Chris Browne
Global Reward Director
Euromoney Plc
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