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Executive Leadership Programme

Executive Leadership Programme

There are major challenges facing the leaders of today who seek to shape organisations for tomorrow. New models of leadership are emerging to address these challenges, and these developments require a different approach to thinking about effective leadership.


There is also an increasing demand for ethical and engaging leadership that enhances the performance and well-being of employees, as well as the performance of the organisation.

This 12 month programme provides leadership training in the skills required to manage yourself and other people, and demonstrates how excellent leadership transforms organisations.

Through this session, we can help Directors:


  • Understand yourself as a leader: gain insight into yourself and how you function in your current business context. Explore the practical implications of these findings in your own everyday leadership approach.
  • Critically review leadership models: Review a range of models that reflect current leadership thinking, assess their relevance and application to your own situation and leadership objectives.
  • Learn to handle the ambiguity and chaos of leadership: Experience thought-provoking insights and apply your learning to a management challenge.
  • Set leadership development goals: Tutors, coaches and peers will keep you focused throughout the programme, helping you to review your development and set practical leadership development goals.
  • Set personal objectives and be held accountable.


I have just completed the Executive Leadership Programme and what a difference 12 months makes. I am now ready to propel my organisation forwards and put all my skills to use in a different capacity to serve a wider range of people. Thank you for holding me accountable.

Sarah McBride
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