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Virtual/Online Workshops

Virtual/Online Workshops

Our virtual programmes are not passive webinars where you sit quietly watching a screen. We have done our best to create an online/virtual version of our highly interactive/engaging face to face sessions. Participants can ask questions, get involved and engage fully. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the way we work; like many, you might be self-isolating or working from home and finding that you are having to be even more resourceful and flexible in how you take care of yourself, your teams and those around you.
Our team have quickly responded and have been busy creating new content and adapting our existing courses into interactive online workshops that we are delivering with great success.


Courses Available:

Coronavirus and Working from Home – Our brand new workshops on Understanding and Recognising Stress, Anxiety, Dealing with Uncertainty, Staying Connected, How to Look After Yourself Whilst Working from Home and Adapting to a Post-Normal World.

Excelling Under Pressure: Mastering Personal Resilience – Designed to build self-awareness, resilience and to empower individuals to action positive behaviour changes through effective coping strategies.

Leading a People, Culture and Wellbeing Strategy – A programme for Senior Leaders designed to support a robust people, culture and wellbeing strategy that aligns with the overall organisational objectives and is fluid and dynamic enough to reflect the VUCA (Volatile Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world we find ourselves in.

Managers Managing Wellbeing – Our ILM (The Institute of Leadership and Management) endorsed course designed to equip a manager to exemplify the importance of wellbeing and to introduce proactive strategies to effectively support and empower their team.

Mental Wellbeing Ambassadors -This programme is essential for equipping to be champions and ambassadors for Mental Health and Wellbeing within your organisation. Whether for Line Managers, HR or Employee Representatives, it is crucial you have people within your organisation that are equipped to support the health and wellbeing of your workforce.

Remote Worker Wellbeing – Many people are finding themselves working from home which is creating a whole host of challenges on productivity, performance and wellbeing. This programme is designed to equip people with strategies to maximise their home worker experience.

Financial Wellbeing – An exploration of our current relationship with money before introducing our ‘Money Wheel’ framework to equip delegates to plan more effectively and make better financial decisions. Also an opportunity to understand how our financial wellbeing contributes to our overall mental, emotional and physical state.

The Art and Science of Happiness – The workshops use compelling evidence from the head and the heart to guide you through planning your Happiness using our ’10 Ps of Happiness’ framework. By exploring what this means to us, what contributes to and how important it is to prioritise our happiness by creating an action plan.

Eat and Move for Optimal Wellness – An opportunity to explore the building blocks of wellness and how we can improve our health, wellbeing and emotional resilience by fueling our bodies correctly with optimal nutrition and ensuring we are engaging in appropriate and adequate physical activity. A session to explore actions we can incorporate into our daily routine and develop positive habits and behaviours.

Technostress/E-Resilience – We live in an ‘always on’ culture with many of us plugged in to our technology 24/7, this is not sustainable and carries consequences. A session to explore how to create balance and time to switch off and unplug in order to recharge and maximise happiness and wellbeing.

Mindfulness – Mindfulness is credited with helping people to be healthier, smarter, happier, more efficient, creative and resilient. Through guided practice, attendees will get personal strategies to slow down, reduce stress and anxiety and increase their resilience, leaving the session having regained balance and improved focus in their life.

Yoga – This practical workshop explores simple yoga postures that can be engaged whilst seated in order to support your health, manage stress and improve general wellbeing at home, the workplace or wherever you may find yourself.


To discuss any of our workshops or explore how we can work with you to create some bespoke sessions, please get in touch now using the form below.

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