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Eat and Move for Optimal Wellness

Eat and Move for Optimal Wellness

In our ‘Eat and Move for Optimal Wellness’ workshop, you will explore the building blocks of wellness and how we can improve our health, wellbeing and emotional resilience by refueling our bodies correctly with optimal nutrition and ensuring we are engaging in appropriate and adequate physical activity. Also explore actions we can incorporate into our daily routine and develop positive habits and behaviours.

This can be run online as a series of course modules or as a full-day live workshop.

The objectives of this workshop are to:

  • Equip participants with our analogy of ‘The Wellbeing Train’ to demonstrate the different spokes to our wellbeing
  • Create an understanding of  the importance of eating for wellbeing, not for stress and what this looks like
  • Encourage participants to reflect on their current activity levels
  • Forming action plans for improving diet and nutrition and how to get moving to combat stress
  • Explore the difference between physical activity and exercise
  • Promote signposting to relevant support resources


To discuss our ‘Eat and Move for Optimal Wellness’ workshop, please get in touch using the form below.


I can honestly tell you that it is cost effective because delegates do walk away with skills and techniques to manage stress more efficiently. The feedback we have received has been excellent. We chose International Wellbeing Insights because they are a well-recognised and have a fantastic reputation.

Zoya Sears
Learning and Development Lead
Islington Council
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