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Managers Managing Wellbeing

Managers Managing Wellbeing

Managers must be sure of how to promote wellbeing at work and to recognise when stress is having a negative effect. Acting as the first line of support they play a key role in ensuring that organisational objectives are met. Without adequate training you managers may be ill-equipped to handle the barriers that stress and poor mental health can create.

Don’t leave it to chance – ensure that we have a consistency amongst our managers, team leaders and supervisors by equip them skills, tools and confidence to by the champions and ambassadors of the culture if wellbeing in your organisation.

This is a highly specialised ILM endorsed course designed to develop a manager’s personal resilience and coping strategies to deal with stress in themselves and support their team. Through this development process managers will be better placed in assessing existing and future stressors and equipped to proactively support their teams.

Through our training we can help line managers:

  • Understand the causes and effects of stress at the team level
  • Discover the physical, mental and emotional signs and symptoms of stress
  • Find optimal performance within their team
  • Manage stress related absence
  • Tackle Presenteeism
  • Effective time and disruption management techniques
  • Discuss the duty of care responsibilities for a line manager
  • Identify areas of action to create and maintain a mentally healthy workplace based on our unique 7 E’s framework
  • Improve their skills and confidence to support their team


International Wellbeing Insights has played an integral part in our company’s Employee Wellness journey. The concept works across geographies, and the SMS effortlessly demonstrated how this can be implemented in a very multi-cultural environment such as ours. I would highly recommend the SMS’s customized services to any company regardless of geography, size or culture.

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