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Leading a People, Culture & Wellbeing Strategy

Leading a People, Culture & Wellbeing Strategy

This is a highly specialised programme for Directors, Senior Management and business leaders, designed to support in the creation of a clear business case for wellbeing in order to develop a robust people, culture and wellness strategy that aligns with the overall organisational objectives.

Our approach aligns with the HSE’s stress management standards, as well as many recognised best practice approaches including some of our powerful frameworks.

The full-day workshop cover strategies on how to minimise risk exposure, create a compelling future vision, design and implement a culture of wellbeing and understand how to engage the broader workforce to bring it to life.


Through this session, we can help Directors:

  • Identify the main factors that contribute to a mentally healthy workplace
  • Understand how exposed an organisation can be from a risk management perspective
  • Clarify how to quantify the cultural and commercial impacts of stress and poor wellbeing
  • Know how to recognise and address the negative effects of stress
  • Design a People, Culture and Wellness strategic action plan


“I’m head of people support in an organisation that had very little focus on wellbeing when I first joined. People were working long hours and taking leave instead of sick leave. This meant people were tired out and stressed. I had worked with International Wellbeing Insights in a previous role, and asked them to do a workshop for us. Following this, we found that people really engaged with the new culture of wellbeing and looked to work more efficiently and take care of themselves, rather than continually working long hours for the sake of it. The session kick-started our wellbeing focus and increased the levels of wellbeing throughout our organisation. We went on to win a CIPD High Commendation award for our wellbeing in 2018. Don’t underestimate the impact of introducing International Wellbeing Insights to your organisation!”

Michelle Harrison
Head of People Support
Essex Wildlife Trust

We decided to use International Wellbeing Insights because from the initial contact it was clear that they understood our organisational symptoms as well as our environment, something which we considered essential. The strategy and its implementation were exceptional and exceeded our expectations.

Pam Poppe
Finance Director
Abacus International
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