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Financial Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing

Our experience over the last fifteen years has shown that financial pressure is within the top three causes for mental distress and unhappiness on the planet today – so basically money worries cause poor mental health!

In our belief the combined cost of lost productivity and higher staff turnover represents approx. 20% of an employer’s total payroll.

Our Financial Wellbeing Workshop enables your employees to examine their relationship with money, to consider the detrimental impact that money troubles can have on them, whilst empowering them to make better decisions in order to take control of their finances with a framework to plan for the future.

Through our training, we can help your employees:

  • Understand what Financial wellbeing is and why it is important
  • How our relationship with money and in turn financial wellbeing is connected to our overall wellbeing
  • Understand your current behaviour patterns
  • Take the time to reflect on and prioritise your financial wellbeing
  • Explore the steps to take to have a better handle on your finances and the steps required to be in more control of your financial affairs
  • Explore the framework to achieve SMART goals and the importance of accountability and peer support
  • Learn how to develop a Financial wellbeing strategy by exploring ‘The Money Wheel’

“It will be helpful to do my budgeting”

“The entire framework on financial management is very impressive”

“New perspective to manage funds”

“It will improve my wellbeing by being more conscious about money”


International Wellbeing Insights has played an integral part in our company’s Employee Wellness journey. The concept works across geographies, and the SMS effortlessly demonstrated how this can be implemented in a very multi-cultural environment such as ours. I would highly recommend the SMS’s customized services to any company regardless of geography, size or culture.

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