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Stress Competency Review for Managers

Stress Competency Review for Managers

How effective are your managers at managing stress?

Our Stress Competency Review for Managers incorporates a HSE and CIPD compliant Line Manager Competency Indicator Tool to:

  • Assess how individual managers deal with stress with clear data from managers themselves, their peers and their staff
  • Maximise efficiency of your managers with targeted training
  • Minimise your exposure to the negative effects of stress, poor wellbeing and mental health by ensuring that managers have a clear strategy for dealing with it

Managers may contribute to reducing staff stress, but they may also be the cause of it. Management behaviour is often highlighted as a major factor by those suffering from work related stress. For more than 60% of employees, their immediate manager is the most stressful aspect of their job (CIPD).

Our SCRM is a unique undertaking that allows for a higher level analytical review of individual managers, assessing whether they are equipped with the tools to prevent and reduce stress at work.

Managers are assessed on four key competencies:

  • Respectful and responsible: Managing emotions and having integrity
  • Managing and communicating existing and future work
  • Managing the individual within the team
  • Reasoning/Managing difficult situations

Based on the results of the review, we will provide you with a report and suggestions on how to tackle any issues that have been recognised.

Minimise your risk

Managers, as the first line of support for general staff, play a key part in the identification and management of stress within an organisation. They will often be in the best position to notice changes in staff behaviour that may indicate a stress-related problem, they will also often be the first point of contact when an individual feels stressed. Ensuring your managers are equipped to their best ability to deal with stress can generate a huge return on investment by increasing the productivity and efficiency of your workforce.

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