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Focus Groups

Focus Groups

Our focus groups are a second stage diagnostic that present an opportunity to further explore any specific issues that arise in the Wellbeing Insights Audit, to gain further narrative, clarity and identify potential solutions.


Focus Groups are ideal for organisations who have recognised a potential concern or have uncovered an issue through our Wellbeing Insights Audit.

We work closely with all participants to identify and diagnose any potential problems and root causes. Remaining objective and neutral, we can direct the group to meaningful conclusions and actions to resolve the concerns.  The organisational output is a report with an action plan, suggestions, recommendations and timeframes.

We pride ourselves on not relying soley on quantitative data and surveys, we have robust techniques to build rapport and open up groups to gain valuable qualitative feedback. Our focus groups are a powerful additional diagnostic tool.

Focus Groups are designed to create staff inclusion in the decision making and solution finding process as well as providing a valuable engagement opportunity.

Following the Focus Groups, we provide a report that summarises the discussions and outcomes, which can also be cross-referenced with the findings from your Wellbeing Insights Audit.

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