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Course Overview

Mindfulness is credited with helping people to be healthier, smarter, happier, more efficient, creative and resilient. Participants will leave having regained balance and improved/focus in their life.

Through guided practice, attendees will get personal strategies to:
• Slow down
• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Increase their resilience
• Continue your learning journey with our 30-day challenge


 ‘30 Day Mindfulness Challenge’.

Through guided practice in the first workshop, attendees will get personal strategies to slow down, reduce stress and anxiety and increase their resilience. Over the course of the following 30 days, participants will incorporate the strategies and techniques they have learnt into their day-to-day lives, whilst providing support to one another through the buddy system we will facilitate. Summarising the programme with a follow-up session to explore the benefits and progression of participants.


How do I participate?
This workshop can be delivered as a 1-hour workshop or as our 30-day challenge.

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