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Managers Managing Wellbeing

Managers Managing Wellbeing

In order to successfully create and implement a culture of wellbeing within your organisation, every manager must be a champion and ambassador of that culture.

Workshop Overview

Our highly acclaimed Managers Managing Wellbeing course will equip your managers with the skills needed to lead positive change in your organisation.

Managers must be sure of how to promote wellbeing at work and to recognise when stress is having a negative effect. They need to understand the policies, processes, wellbeing resources and how to provide basic emotional support. Acting as the first line of support to employees, they play a key role in ensuring that organisational objectives are met. Without adequate training, your managers will be ill-equipped to handle the barriers that stress and poor mental health can create.

In this powerful and engaging one day workshop we will explore topics to:

  • Understand and Recognise Stress and Mental Health Issues in Ourselves and Others
  • Maintain a Healthy Work-Work Balance
  • Manage Distractions/Disruptions
  • Deliver effective management
  • Use practical coping strategies
  • Create a culture of wellbeing using The Stress Management Society’s 7E’s framework
  • Continue their learning journey with our 30 Day Challenge

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