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Creating Connections: Maintaining Your Virtual Network

Creating Connections: Maintaining Your Virtual Network

Course Overview

With most of us finding ourselves working from home, it is essential to promote and support wellbeing at both personal and organisational levels. Many organisations have raised concerns for remote worker wellbeing and identified challenges with loneliness.

‘Creating Connections’ is an interactive workshop that can be tailored to suit both managers and employees.

For managers, the key aim is to empower and encourage effective leadership. Reinforcing a responsibility and commitment required to the support staff from both an ethical and legal position. Providing evidence of the importance of communication and upskilling leaders to educate them on how to support their team and create connections with each other going forward.

Why is this important?
• Legal requirements in EMEA
• Duty of Care as a Manager
• Evidence of a need from the business: employee feedback

For staff members, the aim is to understand the difference between being alone and loneliness. To reflect on one’s personal position, understand different coping techniques and the available channels for support. Highlight the importance of working as a team and supporting others who may be struggling.

Module topics:

  • Empathy Vs Sympathy: what’s the difference? Why does being empathetic make you a more effective leader/team member?
  • Good practice: what is effective communication and why is this important? What are the current practices that work?
  • Self-reflection: Understanding our workload and introducing the building blocks of wellness
  • Practical skills: Providing empathetic support to team members. Understanding the position of others, asking better questions and effectively supporting your team.
  • Moving forward: Building a personal action plan that benefits both managers and employees. How will you support each other?

Like all of our courses, the content can be tailored to suit the needs of the team and the organisation.

How do I participate?

This can be run online as a series of course modules or as a full-day live workshop.

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(Expires 28th February 2021)

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Online Course

(Expires 28th February 2021)

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