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Remote Teambuilding – Take your employees on a mission to Mars this Christmas!

Remote Teambuilding – Take your employees on a mission to Mars this Christmas! Main Image

Mission to Mars – it’s been a tough year for us all, we think you’re ready for a getaway!

This whirlwind of a year has provided a range of stumbling blocks including social distancing, new restrictions and even total lockdowns. Many of us have had to leave the social office environment behind and create a new workspace from the comfort of our own homes. While remote working does have some benefits, it hinders communication, significantly impacts on key working relationships and makes it difficult to maintain office comradery. We’ve found that some employees haven’t even met their colleagues face to face!

The news of a successful vaccine has provided us with a shining light at the end of the tunnel. However, as we approach the curtain draw of this bizarre year, the impact of COVID-19 will still persist into 2021. The result? Many of us will be working from home a little longer. This also has a depressing impact on the festive period as the classic office Christmas party is on hold until further notice. Sadly, there’s more to be missed than the delicious party food and free drinks. This yearly celebration offers time for the team to relax, network and build relationships. It is an opportunity to thank staff members for their efforts and build moral for the challenges of the upcoming year. Creating and maintaining these networks is vital for corporate success and workforce satisfaction.

How can we help?

Our advanced team building sessions are designed to re-engage staff members, establish relationships, build connections, and offer a fun experience for all those involved. Each session is hosted by one of our experts who will be on hand to guide you and your team throughout the activity.

The theme of these sessions? Space!

‘Mission to Mars’ uses mechanics and digital storytelling to create an engaging and insightful experience that challenges virtual collaboration and decision making. This makes teamwork fun with games and activities. It is hosted on a simple, yet incredibly effective platform, giving you a genuine ‘no faff’ experience.

The benefits of using this platform:

  • Add a learning twist to your teambuilding – Each game outlines the challenges of working remotely and encourages players to cooperate, manage their time and make decisions
  • Spend no time setting up – Participants will only receive the link at the start of your event. They will not need to download anything, just click and play.
  • Use your preferred conferencing method – You can use the app’s built-in audio-video communication system or choose your company’s preferred web conferencing app

There are 4 different games to choose from, all with different activities and aspects depending on your team’s preferences and business needs. Each session is predicted to last up to an hour, however, if you wish to have a longer session then activities can be combined.

The recommended group size is from 5 – 15, however, each game can accommodate for up to 20 users. The price covers below covers a single session with one game.

Thank your team for their hard work and give them a useful experience that they will enjoy this Christmas.

To find out more about the game options and pricing for the Mission to Mars activity, click here. Alternatively, you can find all of the information and details on our ‘Courses&Events’ page.

If you would like to know more about our services or book a free consultation then please pop us an email via or call us on +44 (0) 20 3142 8659.

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