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Lawrie Miller

Lawrie really is the miracle worker of the team. As Head of People, Culture & Miracles she is responsible for making sure that we are embodying our values and that our team all feel like they are part of a culture of wellbeing. Lawrie also manages to adeptly look after the office, facilities, HR and accounts function.  All whilst smiling and looking glamorous – well we did say she could work miracles.

Lawrie is passionate about bringing the best out of our team. To ensure we create the best working environment and culture and everyone is supported to be the best version of themselves.


No-one would dare give Lawrie a nickname

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Lawrie in her own words:

Proudest Moment: Becoming a mum, twice.

What do you enjoy most about your role?: I love the team I work with and all of the different aspects of my job. It is never a dull day!

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