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Harriet Martin

Harriet is one of our much-valued and loved programme manager, responsible for helping our clients to create a culture of wellbeing and happiness.  She can be found on a daily basis working hard in partnership with her clients to coordinate and facilitate the smooth running of their wellbeing audits and strategic programmes. Thanks to her Psychology degree, Harriet can offer great insights into the data she gathers from her clients which ultimately allows her to achieve effective results.

Harriet is passionate about working with clients to give them the data and metrics needed to get the buy in to create a culture of wellbeing within their organisations as well as sustainability (she is also our sustainability officer). And clothes!


House Martin, Harrietta

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Harriet in her own words:

Proudest Moment: Graduating from university

What do you enjoy most about your role?: I enjoy working on exciting studies and working closely with our clients to help them achieve their wellbeing goals. Everyday can be different!

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