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Pulse Survey

Pulse Survey

Now more than ever, it is of paramount importance to monitor your employees’ wellbeing. Our pulse surveys are designed to provide you with a snapshot of how people are coping. The survey provides valuable insight into your employees wellbeing and actions that can be taken to adjust your approach to wellbeing accordingly. 



This is designed to be a short survey, comprising of 7-10 questions and taking now longer than a couple of minutes to complete.

Before the survey is launched, we will conduct an in-depth planning call with you to tailor the survey accordingly to your organisation. If you have previously undertaken a wellbeing audit or are not in a position to conduct a full audit, this survey provides an excellent opportunity to target the specific areas you are interested in measuring.


Outcomes from the Pulse Survey

On completion of the survey the individual will receive a personal report of their overall score as well as signposting to relevant support resources which can be tailored to your organisation. From an organisational perspective, you will also receive an overall summary report along with recommendations based on the findings.


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