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Diversity, Inclusivity and Equality Pulse Survey

Diversity, Inclusivity and Equality Pulse Survey

Now more than ever, we need to be promoting Diversity, Inclusivity and Equality (DIE) in the workplace and embedding it into our society and culture. You have a duty to the most important asset of your organisation – your people, to ensure they feel safe, equal and included. By implementing a strong diversity and inclusion strategy, it strengthens your organisation’s reputation as an employer of choice, attracting a wider range of talent and enabling creativity to flow in your workplace, with the sharing of different perspectives and thinking. Essentially, a diverse workforce, promoting equality and inclusivity improves the employee experience, resulting in greater employee satisfaction. Also, contributing to their wellbeing, engagement, sense of purpose and achievement. Undoubtedly, a diverse workforce is ultimately a successful one. 

Our pulse survey aims to assess how your people feel about DIE in the workplace and provides insight into any actions and recommendations that can be taken in order to ensure your workplace is embedding this in to your culture of wellbeing. 

We have designed our DIE Pulse Survey to diagnose your employees experience in the workplace and how valued they feel.

The pulse survey comprises of 7-10 questions around how they feel about Diversity, Inclusivity and Equality in the workplace. Before conducting the pulse survey, you will be allocated a dedicated Programme Manager who will work with you to tailor the requirements of the survey according to your organisation.

All questions are multiple choice using a 5 point likert scale on how strongly they agree with the statements. For example:

  • I feel I have equal opportunities available to me
  • I feel valued as an individual
  • I feel my workplace has an inclusive culture

Also included is one open format question to allow respondents to provide any additional qualitative feedback and suggestions on how you can drive and promote Diversity, Inclusivity and Equality.


Benefits from the DIE Pulse Survey 

The main benefit of conducting this pulse survey is to provide your employees with the opportunity to give their voice and say on how they feel Diversity, Inclusivity and Equality is promoted within the workplace. It provides valuable insight into how they are feeling and highlights and key actions and recommendations that can be taken to further embed a collective culture of wellbeing.

Outcomes from the DIE Pulse Survey

From an organisational perspective, you will receive an overall summary report along with recommendations based on the findings.


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