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How Do We Work?

We are committed to creating the workplace that makes you healthy

How Do We Work?

We are committed to creating the workplace that makes you healthy

More often than not we are approached by organisations that want to mitigate or minimise the amount of stress and poor wellbeing their employees experience at work. Our focus is to maximise wellbeing and to create a culture where people don’t ever get anywhere near breaking point.

We start by giving you the data and metrics you need to develop a clear and robust People, Culture & Wellbeing Strategy as well as supporting you to develop a long term plan that leads to lasting change.

This is achieved by working with you as a trusted partner, to assess, develop and refine your culture and workplace to ensure that it is maximising people’s mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. We strive to build a long-term relationship with you based on understanding where you are now, where you would like to be and what you need to accomplish to get there. We operate with commitment, impartiality and integrity.

We work passionately and diligently to create positive change, so that your employees feel valued, and going to work actually enhances their health and wellbeing.  Our enthusiastic, passionate and creative approach has been yielding massive results for our clients since 2003.

A Different Perspective

Our experience across organisations of a variety of sizes (from 10 to 300,000 employees), industries and geographical territories allow us to offer a unique perspective.

We understand how challenging it can be to ensure wellbeing is taken seriously and not seen as ‘pink and fluffy’. We will support you in creating a stong and robust business case to engage Senior Leadership and gain buy in across the organisation to ensure maximum traction in order to deliver significant benefit.

A Robust Business Case

It can be challenging to get the necessary buy in and support for a wellbeing programme without a robust business case with clear metrics and measurables.

Our role is to help you to understand the true cultural and commercial costs to your organisation, as well as any potential risk exposure. Responsible employers will want a thorough investigation of all the factors that contribute to a mentally, physically and emotionally healthy workplace and to understand any potential barriers to achieving this. This must be backed by solid evidence and data. Do not do wellbeing as it’s a nice idea, do it because it makes business sense! We will ensure that you develop a data driven approach in order that we can create a strategic plan that ties into your overall organisational objectives.

Evidencing ROI

Using our robust approach based on sound, scientific principles we can help you to generate the evidence you need to evaluate the efficacy of your strategic approach to wellbeing, as well as any specific programmes or initiatives.

We can help you ascertain whether you are investing in the correct areas, and provide measurement and data-driven insights into what you should focus on for maximum return on investment.

Equipping you with the knowledge and the means to deliver it effectively

Once we have the data we need to tackle any issues that have come to light, part of the solution may include training and education programmes.

It’s not just the content that matters – delivery also determines how much impact it has across your organisation. That is why we developed a world leading, powerful toolkit of presentation and facilitation techniques that have yielded on average a 98.71% excellent/good feedback score year on year over the last 5 years. There is no PowerPoint. Slide decks are replaced with high levels of interaction and engagement, group exercises, role plays, personal reflection and action plan creation. This is all built on our unique, proprietary approach which is based on Accelerated Learning Methodologies and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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