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The Art and Science of Happiness

The Art and Science of Happiness

Workshop Overview

This workshop is designed to explore what we mean by happiness, what makes up our happiness and how important it is. Through our ’10 Ps of Happiness’ framework, your employees will identify actions to prioritise happiness.

On a global level, we are observing an increasing drive and focus on happiness and wellbeing. Our research has shown there is a clear formula for human happiness, with certain factors influencing and contributing to our overall HQ (Happiness Quotient).  We have determined that the following are the key ingredients required to maximise your HQ:

’10 Ps of Happiness’:

  1. Purpose – having a deeper reason and meaning to your existence
  2. Peacefulness – finding the stillness within, mindfulness and being present in the moment
  3. Playtime – pleasure and fun: taking time out for hobbies, pastimes, leisure and social activities
  4. Physical and Psychological Health – finding the balance; looking after yourself mentally, physically and emotionally
  5. People – your support network: friends, peers, family and social connections
  6. Passion – having things that you care deeply about, inspire you and bring about a sense of fulfillment and happiness
  7. Profession – is what you for do for a living something you could do for free if money was no object? Is it something that brings you fulfilment and joy? Is your career a source of happiness?
  8. Philosophy – spirituality: believing in something beyond yourself that connects you to something bigger
  9. Positivity & Power – do you see the opportunities and the potential in all aspects of your life? Is your glass half full?  Do  you feel you have the power (the ability to do or act) to create the life you deserve?
  10. Philanthropy – are you contributing to making the world a better place? When we live for more than just ourselves, it increases our self-esteem, self worth and in turn, happiness.

Our interactive and engaging 2 hour ‘Art and Science of Happiness’ online workshop enables your employees to:

  • Explore and understand what happiness means.
  • Recognise the importance of happiness.
  • Reflect on and evaluate their own happiness.
  • Be equipped to use our ’10 Ps to Happiness’ framework to set S.M.A.R.T.O goals to plan and prioritise happiness.
  • Learn the importance of having accountability and peer support.

The interactive and participative nature of the workshop involves facilitated discussions and practical exercises.


How do I participate?

This can be run as online as a series of course modules or as a full-day live workshop.

Pricing Information

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