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Online Workshops

Online Workshops

Courses Available:

‘Coronavirus and Working from Home’

Our brand new workshops on Understanding & Recognising Stress, Anxiety, Dealing with Uncertainty, Staying Connected and How to Look After Yourself At Home.

‘Excelling Under Pressure: Mastering Personal Resilience’ 

Designed to build self-awareness, resilience and to empower individuals to action change through effective coping strategies.

‘Leading a People, Culture and Wellbeing Strategy’

Programme for Senior Leaders designed to support a robust people, culture and wellness strategy that aligns with the overall organisational objectives.

‘Managers Managing Wellbeing’

Our ILM endorsed course designed to develop a manager’s personal resilience and proactive strategies to support the wellbeing of their team.

‘Mental Wellbeing Ambassadors’

Creating an awareness and understanding of mental health and wellbeing, with a focus on mental health as a right and not a luxury.

‘Financial Wellbeing’ 

We first examine our relationship with money before introducing our framework to empower better decisions for the future.

‘The Art & Science of Happiness’

The workshops use compelling evidence from head and the heart to guide you through planning your Happiness using our ’10 Ps’ framework, by exploring what we mean by, what contributes to and how important it is to prioritise Happiness.

Plus ‘Eat and Move for Optimal Wellness’, ‘Mindfulness’ and ‘Techno Stress’


All workshops have: 

  • Fully Interactive content
  • Call and response sections 
  • Chat window
  • Votes and polls
  • Q&A
  • Support Materials
  • Action Plans

Workshop Overview

The Covid19 pandemic has radically changed the way we work; like many, you might be self-isolating or working from home and finding that you are having to be even more resourceful and flexible in how you take care of yourself, your teams and those around you.

Our team have quickly adapted and have been busy creating new content and adapting our existing courses into interactive online workshops that we are delivering to great success.


Pricing Information

2hour Introduction

(Expires 31st October 2020)

£597(Exc. VAT)

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1hour Top-Up

(Expires 31st October 2020)

£297(Exc. VAT)

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