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Financial Wellbeing – Public Workshop

Financial Wellbeing – Public Workshop

Course Overview

Financial stress can have knock-on effects on mental health, relationship breakdown and physical health. It can have severe consequences for individuals, organisations and communities. People can be under financial stress for different reasons. From trying to cover basic needs to those who are overspending on non-essentials. At the end of the day, the anxiety remains. The economic impact of Covid-19 has affected the mental health of some individuals, exacerbating a nationwide problem. Today we find ourselves with the living cost significantly rising and bringing another wave of uncertainty and stress. 

Financial wellbeing is an essential part of overall wellbeing. It is highly interlinked to our mental, emotional, social and physical health. Therefore, having our financial wellbeing impacted can affect all other areas of our wellbeing. To us, financial wellbeing is having financial security and freedom of choice – in the present and the future.

Employers also benefit from financial wellbeing

People who enjoy good financial wellbeing are more productive at work. If they are not, employers suffer too. In 2018, 11% of UK workers reported they had experienced a fall in productivity at some point over the preceding three years as a result of their financial situation.


Financial Wellbeing Online Workshop

This workshop explores our current relationship with money before introducing our ‘Money Wheel’ framework to equip delegates to plan more effectively and make better financial decisions. It also provides an opportunity to understand how our financial wellbeing contributes to our overall mental, emotional and physical state.

Some of the key topics covered in this workshop are:
• Understanding what financial wellbeing is and why it is important
• Exploring what you can do to support financial wellbeing
• Looking at how you can take steps to achieve particular goals and the importance of accountability
• Learn how to develop a financial wellbeing strategy by exploring the ‘Money Wheel’

How do I participate?

This workshop is run online for 2h and delivered live by our wellbeing experts.

Date and Time

22/09/2022 from 3.30 pm until 5.30 pm GMT

Pricing Information

Online course

(Expires 22nd September 2022)

£19.97(Exc. VAT)

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