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Burnout and Self Care

Burnout and Self Care

Workshop Overview

In this module, participants are aided in recognizing how much pressure is intrinsic and how much is based on external factors. We will explore tools to manage stress, as well as identifying the elements within our control and those outside of it, learning to let go of things that are not meant to be. Focusing on tools that raise awareness of the connection between our attitudes and behaviours, and understanding what situations support the best use of our energies.

Attendees are required to set an objective that they aim to achieve from the workshop, committing to implement the actions discussed within their daily lives.

We will cover 3 key areas:

  • How to organize concerns by whether they are totally, partially, or outside of our control.
  • How to recognise the connection between our attitudes and behaviours

and how to recognise those in other people to better react to them.

Exploring what is the best use of our energies in order to ensure growth and a positive mindset.

How do I participate? 

This will be hosted as an online 90-minute session.

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