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Adapting to Thrive in a Post-Normal World

Adapting to Thrive in a Post-Normal World

Workshop Overview

Do you feel well-equipped to cope with adjusting to the ‘Post-Normal’ World?

This free live session focuses on how we can best cope with adapting to a new ‘Normal’ way of living and working. Resistance to change creates stress and anxiety, so to understand the stages of ‘Grief’ we go through as we mourn the old way of ‘Being’ allows us to pass through the stages more easily and comfortably as we prepare to adapt and change to a new ‘Normal’. Ultimately, we want to focus on getting to a final stage where the new way of working and living can actually be better and more productive for us.

Ensuring individuals feel best prepared for this new way of working and living is imperative to enable to them to not only to adapt to it, but to also thrive.

This session is designed to: 

  • Explore what adapting to a Post-Normal world feels like and equipping ourselves for the ‘new normal’.
  • Equip participants with the tools and techniques to cope with adjusting to the ‘new normal’.
  • Signpost and support employees to the relevant support resources available to them.
  • Encourage participants to form actions and take ownership for how to manage adapting to new routines, and new ways of being.

The interactive and participative nature of the workshop involves facilitated discussions and practical exercises.

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