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Adapting to Thrive

Adapting to Thrive

Workshop Overview

Our brand new online programme is a series of workshops focusing on
adapting to living and working in a radically different world. It comprises of 7
different modules.

Some of the key topics we cover include:
1. Panic: Appreciating this Human Emotion and the Impact of Social
Media and Our Lifestyles
2. How to overcome Anxiety
3. Dealing with Uncertainty and Cabin Fever
4. What if…? Addressing Catastrophic Thinking
5. Overcoming Clouded Judgement
6. Addressing Loneliness and Isolation
7. Adapting to a Post-Normal World

Each module is interactive and participative and ends on a call to action,
with participants being encouraged to set S.M.A.R.T.O goals and take

1. Panic: Appreciating this Human Emotion and the Impact of Social
Media and Our lifestyles
The rapidly changing world we live in due to current events has created fear
and panic for many. The key focus of this module is to gauge participants
understanding of the feeling of panic, exploring when it serves a useful
purpose and when it does not. This module also explores the role of social
media and daily rituals.

2. How to Overcome Anxiety
With the significant changes to the way we live and work, there is no doubt
that many of us will be feeling anxious. This module will explore what we
mean by anxiety and coping strategies to help manage this.

3. Dealing with Uncertainty and Cabin Fever
We are currently finding ourselves in uncertain and unprecedented times. This
module focuses on equipping participants with the importance of minimising
the negative effects of uncertainty and exploring ways to maintain a healthy
mind during isolation, restricted movement and an upset routine.

4. What if…? Addressing Catastrophic Thinking
Catastrophic thinking is a fear-based reaction that relates to the future: when
you find yourself caught entering the worst-case scenarios. This module focuses
on when catastrophic thinking is likely to occur, the negatives it can bring and
ways to reduce thinking ‘what if…?’.

5. Overcoming Clouded Judgement
Our emotions can easily cloud our judgement and even more so during the
highly emotive and challenging time we are currently all experiencing. This
module has a key focus on understanding how we can avoid our emotions
clouding our judgement to allow us to make better decisions, problem solve,
think creatively and laterally.

6. Addressing Loneliness and Isolation
Changes to the way we engage socially and interact with others can lead to
feelings of loneliness and isolation. This will have a huge impact on our
wellbeing and for many of us this can be a very challenging time.

This module focuses on:
• Understanding the difference between being Lonely and being Alone
• Creating discussion around the importance of staying connected
• Acknowledging your support network
• Promoting signposting to relevant support resources
• Forming actions and taking ownership to ensure you are staying
connected to your friends, family, colleagues and loved ones

How do I participate? 

This can be run as online as a series of course modules or as a full-day live workshop.

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